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Orange Youtube Logo Vector

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About YouTube

YouTube is the most known online video-sharing platform in the world. Though there are competitors it would take years to catch up with YouTube’s position. Its headquarters is in San Bruno, California, United States. YouTube is owned by Alphabet Inc.

Its founders are Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. Its current CEO is Susan Wojcicki and Chad is the advisor. As of 2021, the company earned a revenue of 28.8 billion dollars. In 2021, it had 2.6 billion users.

Meaning and History of Orange YouTube Logo

The trio of founders of YouTube were the first employees of PayPal. The idea of YouTube was put up in 2005. It was bought by Google on 9th October 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars. There are plenty of YouTube logos on the internet. People design and use them on their videos and there is no restriction by YouTube either. The orange YouTube logo is very much famous. You can use Orange YouTube Logo for free.

vectorseek Orange YouTube Logo

Evolution of Orange YouTube Logo

YouTube pays to the channels that cross 4000 public watch hours and has 1000 subscribers. YouTube policy is simple; all you have to do is have your own content and as soon as the channel completes the target, YouTube starts paying. The orange YouTube logo was first seen in 2010 when YouTube allowed every content creator to edit it as they liked. There are different orange YouTube logos on the internet., the most common ones are:

Building of Orange YouTube Logo

There are so many learning videos on the internet. You can learn different languages, learn how to cook, learn to code and develop programs, learn about other countries and so much more. Think of a niche and you will find a video about it on YouTube. There is no specific font in the orange YouTube logo. The colour is orange.

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VectorSeek furnishes its visitors with different editable formats of the orange YouTube logo regardless of any legal and copyright issues. Visitors can download orange YouTube logo formats for free. We have the following formats for the orange YouTube logo:

You can also download the zip file of the orange YouTube logo.

Variants of the Orange YouTube logo

VectorSeek provides the service of downloading different variants of the orange YouTube logos for free and, in HD quality. Click on the desired variant and see it in download within seconds. No need to worry about login or sign-up. We have the following variants of the orange YouTube logo:

Orange YouTube Logo PNG File

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Orange YouTube Logo SVG File

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Orange YouTube Logo Ai File

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Here at VectorSeek, you can find different colours of YouTube logos for free and in the best quality. If you want to see new colors of the YouTube logo, let us know.

Can I change color of orange YouTube logo?

Yes, you can change the orange YouTube logo to any color you like.

Where can I use orange YouTube logo?

You can use the orange YouTube logo on business cards, assignments, billboards, flyers, websites, and on your YouTube channel.